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Our Story

“Staring into the face of the pandemic, I came across the initial designs for the Nova range. I strongly believed in the science & technology behind it and continued to do my own research into this line in the months that followed. It has been a work in progress but I feel we have developed a product that can significantly impact sanitisation across all sectors.”

Richard Mathias, Founder / MD – Mathias Middle East.


Lifegate Pharma, a pharmaceutical company that specialises in safety products such as Germicidal UV-C Lighting Solutions, Ambulance Consumables, Bulk Medicines, PPE kits, Masks, Sanitisers, Sanitiser Dispensers etc. - started by Richard Mathias. MME, incorporated in 1988, consists of a range of companies under its brand name such as Mathias Tourism, Mathias Capital, to name a few, believe our core pillars are commitment, quality and trust. Whether it’s event marketing or corporate branding; a one-off item or on-going supplies, when it comes to quality merchandise delivered on time and as agreed, almost every major company, corporation, and promotional agency in Bahrain and other locations in the GCC have relied on MME. 



“ At MME, our core value is commitment and we've built our reputation from scratch. Once we commit to something we stick to it no matter what. It is because of this commitment that the company is sought after, and frequently wins tenders, based not only on our price point but also on our reputation for quality and adherence to time lines."

- Richard Mathias, Founder/MD Mathias Middle East; Founder/MD Lifegate Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.


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