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Many big companies in the world are seeing a surge in their employees working from home and seeing productivity in their companies soar through the stratosphere. Less commercial rent= more Profitable company. The work-life balance for many of these employees has been restored and for the millions that spent a precious two hours a day commuting to and from work now have 2 hours to spare. You’ll see hundreds of them training for the Tour De France on the highways at 6:30am with freshly bought road cycles, replacing their cab rides for a better lifestyle and maybe some abs. A lot of these companies have one thing in common though, they can work from behind a laptop or PC anywhere in the world and still achieve their targets and goals.

But what about the businesses that can’t do this? The millions of companies that have built their organizations , careers and their lives around an experience that involves the customer’s presence at their space. Gym owners that surely can’t teleport their treadmills to their clients homes and squeeze a few extra sprints out of them, store owners that require people to come in and try clothes on, taste things or simply people that have to come in for a service. Surely, a salon cannot schedule a pedicure over zoom.

In spaces where touching and sitting down and taking off your mask is an inevitable event, we must realize that there is a strong niche for UV-C disinfection afterwards or beforehand. We do have UV-C as an option to disinfect our office before our employees come to work and after they leave everyday . The prevention of cross contamination between different employees from one day to the next may affect the bottom line greatly, may keep more families safe and maybe restore just a little bit of balance back to the business owners as they can now request their employees to come back to a safer space. They can request their clients to come back and spend money at their stores with some greater level of confidence. The housekeeping staff member with a bottle of sanitizer and a cloth running around looking busy unfortunately could not prevent the first two waves of covid-19 from hitting us , although he did try very hard. Unfortunately with the virus being airborne and our population density being one of the highest in the world, if there are no measures to sanitize the air with something that has solid, reliable science governing its efficiency we are faced with a conundrum we cannot overcome. UV-C disinfection harnessed for 360 degree sanitization on air and surfaces alike, might just be one of the smartest and most insightful decision a business owner could make. A hotelier could sanitize his rooms better and more efficiently, as well as cut needless costs on chemicals that have their limitations with sanitizing air. A gym owner could take 10 more clients a month, if his new potential customers choose him over another gym that didn’t have the foresight to take a more aggressive step towards sanitization and keeping their client safe.

In a dog eat dog world, maybe the dog with a safer space comes out on top.

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