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Updated: Jul 19, 2021

Are you tired of constantly wiping down surfaces and just hoping for the best?

Is home disinfection eating into your 'me' time?

What if I told you there is a product out there that'll deactivate viruses and bacteria including coronavirus by damaging its DNA & RNA hence, not allowing it to reproduce and you don't even have to be in the room during the disinfection process!

The science behind a UV-C germicidal light has been very simply explained in our previous blog - "What is Germicidal UV, and what is UV-C lighting?"

Let’s get right to it - when you purchase your UV-C light, irrespective of the model, it doesn’t matter where you use it. What you need to know is the area it covers. For eg: The Nova Mini disinfects an area of up to 150 sq.ft. whereas the Nova Telescope disinfects an area of up to 600 sq.ft.. Depending on the different sizes within your home or office you can use the germicidal lamp literally anywhere. Including spaces such as your kitchen and bathroom. However, if you're disinfecting the kitchen, simply place a thick cloth over or move vegetables and items that are biodegradable(UVC light affects these) and not kept in the open and are covered.

If in a larger space you wish to disinfect a specific area that has been frequented a lot more or surfaces that have been touched more frequently, place your UV-C light in said area and switch it on for about 15 to 30 mins depending on the estimated square footage of the said area.


Due to the on-going and unprecedented pandemic consumers have turned to a 100% lifestyle of online shopping. Be it grocery or provision shopping or buying other home essentials from online portals. With an increase in these purchases you’re welcoming a lot more packages into your home than usual. Studies and reports have shown that coronavirus and other viruses and bacteria can live on surfaces for up to 3 days. While many would argue that using sanitizers to wipe down surfaces is sufficient, is it really enough? The amount of sanitizer or disinfectant required to efficiently decontaminate your package or space is unknown, because one can never tell how much virus and/or bacteria is on the surface. More importantly, you can further argue that you are efficiently cleaning your space and objects around it, but let me ask you this, when you dust your surfaces what happens to the particles that move up in the air?

The UV-C germicidal not only decontaminates the objects in a room but also the air. With new reports showing that viruses stay airborne for more than an hour, your disinfection game has got to be strong. Sanitizing every package can also be cumbersome and take up a lot of productive time. UV-C will help reduce the time it takes you to look into how efficiently your home or office is disinfected.


Every home has a nook. You know what nook we’re talking about, the one spot in the house which gathers dust and no one ever frequents. It could be your basement, your garage or a gym room you haven’t entered since you looked your best in your wedding photos.

The onset of the pandemic spells the need for you to turn this nook into your very own sanitisation station, all goods coming into your home need to first be brought here directly and then sanitised (hopefully with a Lifegate Nova series product for best results)

If your goal is to attain maximum safety for those in your home and protect your loved ones, you must sanitise everything and then only can it touch counters, tabletops and any furniture in your house.

One mode of doing this which involves either of our UV-C Lights is that we suggest collecting everything into a space, proceed to cover the biodegradable items in plastic or take them for washing directly but most importantly, you must zap the rest of the dry goods, packaged food, courier boxes or any other non-biodegradable items. The whole room, air as well as surfaces can be sanitised at the same time.

Save time. Save effort.

And the next time I ask you if your disinfection game is strong, your answer will surely be yes.

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