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Quality Controller - Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain

I would like to thank Mr. Richard Mathias for bringing and introducing the UV-C light to us. During this pandemic where everyone including us were only using chemicals to disinfect surfaces, the UV-C light has proved to be very easy to use and an effective way to disinfect not only surfaces, but also the air where chemicals have their limitations.

While making sure health & safety is also taken care they have also equipped us with free UV protection eye goggles. The best features of the light are the motion sensor and remote control time settings. The spectrometer validated the wavelength of the light as well as the disinfection process. I was very pleased to showcase the UVC disinfection to different Ministry officials during their visit to our hotel.

I would say it's a very effective and innovative tool to go with. 


Archdeacon, Anglican Diocese of Cyprus & the Gulf

We are very pleased with the way the Nova Telescope makes the disinfection  process easier and more efficient for our staff to sanitise areas of public use in our church compound. The staff find it easy to move about and disinfect different spaces according to our needs. When we are allowed to open the cathedral compound for public use we will be looking to purchase more units to facilitate good sanitisation procedures for the safety of all of the people who come to our compound.


Investment Manager - Bangalore, India 

I bought the NOVA MINI first and used it for two weeks. I enjoyed the usage so much that i went ahead & picked up a NOVA TELESCOPE for my home as well and its been an absolute stress free experience. Knowing not just the surfaces and parcels coming from outside gets sanitised but also and more importantly the air gets disinfected when people have frequented my home. I use it after someone has visited my home to sanitise the areas frequented. When it comes to food packages, I know that the packaged food (dry goods) that has touched many hands on its way to me has been effectively decontaminated. I have a wife who is a high risk heart patient and it puts me at ease to know that she is in a safer environment with better air quality as well.


Creative Director, Tao Art Gallery - Mumbai

The LifeGate Nova Mini is super convenient to use and really helps to clean both parcels and also rooms within no time. It’s easy to operate with the remote control and there is a sense of ease now whenever I enter a room after it’s been cleansed! Highly recommend it to people, well priced and well worth the money.

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